Saturday, February 4, 2012

Building Wealth with Treasure Trooper

I just have to share with you, one of the best websites I have ever come across.  Its just amazing how one place can offer so many different opportunities to make money and have fun.  I am of course talking about Treasure Trooper.  If you are looking for a way to pass some extra time in a day why not make money while doing it.

What makes Treasure Trooper so much different from similar sites out there.  Lets start first of all by saying how many of those other survey sites allow you to raise train and fight your very own dragon?  That my friends is awesome in  my book.  Its also just one of many different ways to have some fun with treasure trooper and build your wealth while doing it.

So we talked about fun but thats not all.  Just like any other website of its kind TT offers various ways of making yourself some extra money and prizes.  There is just so much you can do with this program it is borderline INSANE!!!!!

  1. Cash offers- TT goes above and beyond with their program.  In addition to being rewarded for completing offers with cash.  They also give you special items when completing these offers.  These items can be used to redeem prizes, dragon items or even used to make you more money.
  2. Complete Cash Surveys- TT offers 8 daily surveys which range from $.50 to $1 per survey.  In addition you can also qualify for many other surveys paying as much as $1.50 a piece.
  3. Cash Tasks- Each day you have the opportunity to complete paid tasks for various companies.  These tasks can pay as little as $.15 or as much as $2.  In addition there is also an offer to print 2 coupons for various items if done you will be rewarded with a dragon scale which can be used to purchase items for your dragons.
  4. Cash Search- The TT Search engine is designed to reward you for the searches you're already doing. Use TT Search regularly and you will begin to uncover free Arrowheads!  These arrowheads can be traded for other needed items to help you along your way.
  5. Cash Shopping-  TT offers tons of products from brand name stores.  For any purchase you make you receive a percentage of that purchase back and deposited directly into your TT account.  In addition for every $5 you receive from this shopping program you will also receive a platinum coin.  These can be used to purchase various prizes and rewards.
  6. Referrals- The referral system at TT is set up to reward our members for spreading the word. We give you 20% of the money that your referrals make and 5% from your second level referrals. This adds up to a lot of money very quickly if you can get a few referrals.
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So after reading all this, does it make you think at all?  Wondering why you haven't been doing this all along?  
Well now that you have the information its all up to you.  Check out Treasure Trooper today and have some fun while making some extra cash.  Click on the TT banner above to get started.

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