Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How My Computer Saved My Life

A few short months ago an event occurred that brought my life to a halt.  The company I worked for downsized and i lost my job.  Now to most this may not sound horrible, but what most don't understand is in my area there are very few businesses left.  Which makes finding employment next to impossible for a person in this area.

 For weeks i applied to what little was around made the calls necessary and did everything else i could think of to find some kind of income.  The weeks turned to months and the moths took their toll on my savings.  Left with nowhere else to turn after the exhaustion of my savings I eventually lost my home.

 I had nothing left except me and my laptop.  So one day while sitting at Dunkin Donuts, I was surfing the net looking for ways to get myself back on my feet.  I posted to classified ads i filled out applications i was doing it all.  Anything i could to make any amount i could.  Still all the effort i was putting in was still in vain.

Then one day i came across 2 programs that saved my life.  Now mind you nothing happened over night.  I spent a month sleeping in my car, digging everywhere I could for change to buy something to eat whatever it took.  After that month however money started rolling in at a rate I could have never imagined while i was working at my dead end job.  Thankfully now that i found these 2 systems i may never have to return to a dead end job ever again.

The systems I am referring to are both 100% free and very easy to use.  Varolo and ZNZ both of these programs combined saved my life and i am writing this in hopes that maybe they can do the same for you.  As i mentioned nothing will happen overnight but given the right effort and amount of time I see no reason why you cant make these companies work for you as I have.

First we will start with Varolo.  Varolo is a 100% free website which allows you to watch advertisements usually about 30 sec in length and will pay you a small commission for watching.  In addition to that they also give you your very own village which you can use to refer others to the company thus in turn increasing your profits when your friends watch ads as well.  For more info on this please visit us at http://finacialfreedomawaits.webs.com/ or feel free to check out our Varolo Blog.

Now for ZNZ.  ZNZ stands for ZipNadaZilch a very fitting name for a company that allows you to make money and not ever spend a dime if you choose not to.  ZNZ is a great system and as mentioned 100% free.  This company works in a similar fashion to Varolo in such it is used to get companies products viewed by a wide audience.  So in turn they want people like us to help promote these products and will pay you handsomely for it.  This company was the biggest reason i was able to make the money i needed to get a roof back over my head and food back in my belly.  For more information please visit us at http://finacialfreedomawaits.webs.com/ or Check out our ZNZ blog.

After my success with these programs i decided to create myself a website to compile all the resources one may need to find their road to financial into one place.  In addition to that I am so confident these programs will help you as they did me that if you take a look at my website you will see special promotions on the calendar such as signup bonuses and contests.  Now why would i offer my own stuff if i didn't believe this could be helpful to anyone who tries it.

So thanks to my computer my dark times came to an end.  Now thanks to my computer I am able to share it with all of you.  I wish you all the best of luck and thank you for reading "How My Computer Saved My Life"
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